Real Time Location tracking

  • Track your field employees location in real time.
  • Get accurate Geolocation of field employees.
  • Monitor all your field staff in a single dashboard view.
real time location tracking

Employee Attendance Tracking

  • Track the time and attendance of your field employees.
  • Check their attendance with Selfie, Geo-Location and Timestamp.
  • Get attendance reports of your employees through email daily.

Track Task Status

  • Track the current status of the job assigned to the employees
  • Reassign idle tasks and alert field employees with notifications
  • Get digital signature from customer and after task completion.

Track Day's Travelled Path

  • Track the route travelled by the employee.
  • Check the total distance travelled on the day.
  • Verify travel expense claims of the employee

Track Employee's Performance.

  • Monitor the daily and monthly performance of field workforce.
  • Analyze jobs done, distance travelled, working hours and work efficiency.

Track GPS State.

  • Monitor the GPS working status of staff's mobile.
  • Get informed whether the GPS is manually turned off or not.

Low Battery Consumption

  • Consumes less than 15 percent of battery power
  • High performance with better power management.
  • Application optimized for best battery life.


Improve Employee productivity

Keep your employee's toes remain on the right track and at the right course. Real-time location tracking will make your employee work more actively. Increase punctuality of the field staff. Reduce your field employee idle time. Increase more completed jobs in less time. Calculate & generate reports on total distance travelled on a day or month basis.

Save Time & Cut Costs

Taskcare eliminates false travel or time claims by field employees. Employee tracking will helps you to give the right reimbursements for mileage and reduce false travel claims by checking the employee's day's reports. Integration with payroll eliminates the manual entry process activity and save time of Human resource department

Prevent Employee Fraudulence

Calling every field employee & asking for their location is a tedious process. With TaskCare's powerful location tracking system you can accurately see your employee's current location instantly from anywhere. Get real-time updates on location, day's travelled path along with timestamp. Reduce fraudulent activity of employee by almost to 0% & Improve productivity.

Increased transparency With Customers

Make the customers details easily available to the field employee. Get customers location detail and scheduled timing. Notifying the customer with service status timely updates. Update the customer with time & person to do the job. Prepare and send invoice to the customer, collect payment for the service provided and get digital signature on job completion.